Lost Classmates

  Over the years some in our class have moved to a place that is distant from us and we have lost contact. The names below are some we remember from 1953 through 1957 and would like to reach to "bring home" . 

  Can you help? 

  Think back, have you or someone you know had contact with any of those named below. If so, please send us what information you have and maybe these "temporarily" lost classmates can join us in June.

1. W. Bowman
2. L. Dreyer
3. Earnest Flammia
4. Denis Guerin        -  2/3/07: Found in Broomall, PA
5. Lewis Lautenslager - 6/8/07: Found and attended
6. J. Leigh
7. R. Lemieux
8. Billie Powers       - 1/21/07: Found in Richmond, Va 
9. J. Elmore Rouse
10. David Turner