Next Reunion?

June,2017 was the 60th Anniversary
           for the Class of '57


       There is only one 50th Class reunion.

                   So What's next?

         From time to time there are luncheons in   
    Richmond. (Look out for email notices.) Renew
    "old" friendships. Always lots of fun!

    However, We want to hear your ideas on how
    we can get together in other ways.
    Here is a way to share your ideas through the
    class website.   
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      Here is what we need to know from you; 
      1. What is the main idea? 
      2. Is it a destination meeting? Richmond,
          Florida, Hawaii? A cruise somewhere?

     Please add any other suggestions in your reply.  

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Jim Disney
Posted on the 2012-10-22 at 20:00
I would like to see a reunion in 2012.
I second what Rudy, Charlie and Bobby say.
Keeping it simple would be best. Friday and Saturday events would be good. Maybe we could go to Saint Benedict\'s Church for Mass on Sunday:
(1) We could find out who the real hypocrites are in this matter. Given my history I could serve as the probable number one hypocrite. 
(2) We could have a simple brunch afterward at the Robin Inn and discuss just who it was that was responsible for the church roof and walls crumbling in as we walked out.
(3) The brunch might be a good time for Jesse Grapes, the Headmaster to talk with us.
(4) We could learn just how many of our classmates are celebrating their big 5-0 besides Bobby and Nancy.
Congratulation to the Ayres and all the others of you.

Sorry to be so late in responding. However, I do not appear to be the last one in the mix. What do the rest of you think?
Somebody call Gus and see if he could make an email response. If he does then everybody would join in.
Thanks for the leadership Rudy, Charlie and Bob.   Sincerely, Jim.
Rudy Janis
Posted on the 2011-06-12 at 20:00
I agree we need to have a reunion.  Life is short and is getting shorter so we better do it now while some of us are left to join together.  No one knows who will be around by the time of the 60th or 70th.

All the suggestions look good.  A cocktail party on Friday evening would be very nice, similar to the 50th and a dinner and dance on Saturday.  We could have the headmaster give a little talk on the past/future of Benedictine at that time.  Or this could be done at an earlier time.  I am not a golfer, but for the golfers, someone could plan an event earlier in the day.
Charles M. Dumouchelle
Posted on the 2011-06-01 at 20:00
Yes I think we should -- Golf would be fun -- and any of the above suggestions ---
Bob Ayres
Posted on the 2011-05-16 at 20:00
I would be able to attend as long as it does not conflict with our 50th wedding anniversary. A cocktail party on Friday night would be nice just before attending the 2012 BHS graduation. I am not a golfer. A Saturday meeting with the new Headmaster could inform me about BHS recent & future changes.  Saturday evening at one of the class member\'s country club or a Richmond hotel/fine eating establishments would be a great conclusion to the 55th Reunion. Of course, I am flexible to other ideas.