60 Years and counting! 
The BHS Class of '57 has moved into the 21st Century somewhat older and quite-a-bit wiser. Our class is proud to be among the more than 5,000 graduates since 1911 that have succeeded in life due to Christian principles and values learned at
Benedictine High School.

In 1911, the first formation of "Cadets" came to attention on the
Confederate Museum grounds in front of the school. In 2011, the centennial of Benedictine High School was 
celebrated. The Class of '57, the 46th graduating class, is strongly centered in the magnificent history of this unique institution.   

This site is devoted to the CLASS of 1957. As such, it is your official location for any information about all of the members of our class whether it be the basics like Class Contact Info., family news or Benedictine HS news. Class members can post miscellaneous items and opinions under the "Class BLOG" tab and refer to the "Calendar" tab for important dates. Use the "Webmaster" tab to email web site suggestions. 
    This is your Class of '57 site. Use it often.