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Dec., 2009, Jim Mehegan Birthday

 It was a special event. A group from the Class of 1957 gathered to celebrate with Jim Mehegan - Cut the cake, blow out the candles and just enjoy the moment with Jim. I think you can tell by the pictures all had a great time ... especially Jim. Many more Jim!


May,2008 Luncheon

  Class of '57 members gathered for lunch at Extra Billy's in May, 2008.


June, 2007, 50th Reunion Photos

  Thanks to Pat Kiernon for the digitals he has forwarded to tickle your memories of our very successful 50th Reunion. If you have some great pictures you want to have viewed for all to enjoy, email them to rbayres@earthlink.net.

October 27, 2006 Luncheon -    Top Row L-R: Charlie Doumouchelle, Joe Koster, John Mardigian, Les Merkel  Third Row L-R:

BHS Class of '57 - Richmond Luncheon Pictures

  The BHS Class of '57 has met regularly over the years,usuallly for lunch. John Mardigian has had the camera at the ready recently to capture some great pictures of this alumni fellowship.  

     Nancy and Bob - 2005

Ayres Family Photos

Bob's most valuable asset (other than Nancy, of course) is his (their) eight grandchildren - six grandsons and two granddaughters - a basketball team with two cheerleaders.

Kelly, Bill, Dot & Brian

Bain Family Photos

  Bill ("Chopper") and Dot have remained in Richmond as the family has grown. Brian and Kelly have grown and are proving to be more mobile and less stationary.   

Back Row L-R: Tuck & Boo Beckstoffer, David & Susan Beckstoffer, Dana Beckstoffer, Shelly & Stephen Beckstoffer.  Front

Beckstoffer Family Photos

Andy and Betty have found the good life and great wine growing in NAPA Valley, California. As you can tell from the family pictures, there is a lot going well with the Beckstoffers.    

The Current Berry Family - ALL Fifteen!

Berry Family Album

Carter and Arlene returned to their "roots" in 1996 shortly after GM added Carter to the retired ranks in 1995. 

   The children are scattered to the north and south with one child and family each in Northen Virginia, South Carolina and nearby in Glen Allen, Virginia.


Charlie Dumouchelle

Charlie looks as young as ever. Being in the band and playing the trumpet must be good for your health.

(L-R): Michael,son,Sidna Gragnani holding new Grandson,Houston,Joe Gragnani, Emi Gragnani, Daughter-In-Law.

Gragnani Family Album

 Joe and Sidna have maintained their Richmond presence as many from our class have. Their son,Michael and wife,Emi reside in Atlanta with the latest addition, Houston. Daughter, Joanna, is a 4th year Wahoo at UVA.  

Tom Dunne and Winanne Kreger

Tom Dunne & Winanne Kreger

   Tom and Winanne enjoy retirement in Rochville, MD, the USA and other continents. 
   Travel keeps them in touch with family and many other interests. 
   "Count on us! ",was their response to the 50th Reunion. 

Bill and his 'Two Gertie Girls', Anne and Gena.

Malanima Family Album

Bill and Anne enjoy the Richmond scene with their daughter, Gena.

Pam & John In The Richmond Sun

Mardigian Family Photos

   Pam & John like it in Richmond. Maybe, it is because their children, Lynne, John and Kate live there too. And with that, of course, come the grandchildren - the best part!

   With their childrens' busy life there are lot of opportunities to "spoil" the four grandchildren. 


Renate and 'Doc' Retired Sandhills, NC Style

Mowery Family Photos

 "Doc" and his wife, Renate, enjoy retired life in Sandhills, NC. They have specialized in girls with four daughters and four granddaughters. Somehow two grandsons made their way into the Mowery clan. The daughters are all nearby in NC, Va and Tenn. 


Poh Family Album

Jerry and Maryanne at a rare moment when they are in one place long enough to be photographed. They have the closest address to BHS but don't count on them being there much since they love to travel.

L-R: Tom Reardon, Jr,& wife, Linda with Tommy, his younger son, Chuck and wife, Debbie. Chuck lives in Midland, Michigan

Tom Reardon & Family

  Tommy currently lives in the Richmond area in Glen Allen and enjoy the times when he can visit his children and grandchildren in Indiana and Michigan and also when they get the opportunity to travel back to Virginia.



Mike & Jackie ready for the Grand Ball!

Worsham Family Photos

Mike and Jackie enjoy the active retirement lifestyle in Virginia and Florida. They say whether it is casual or formal you can find what you are looking for.

Barbara and Arthur

Zohab Family Photos

When it comes to family math Arthur and Barbara have added up a large sum of children and grandchildren. No wonder they has stayed in Richmond since BHS graduation. They have been very busy and very successful building the "Zohab Empire".